Capacity Development of High School Students

ACCU promotes capacity development by using the knowledge of Model United Nations (MUN) to follow SDGs Goal4, “ensure inclusive and equitable quality education and promote lifelong learning opportunities for all.”

At a time when “active learning,” where students learn independently and collaboratively to discover and solve problems, is gaining attention, the attitudes nurtured in Model United Nations play a major role in “working from a logical perspective,” “raising awareness of global issues and international understanding,” and “proactively contributing to society.
While this programme is excellent in terms of the capacity development of the youth and upbringing global citizens, understanding and activities of this programme have certain gaps among regions and schools.
ACCU copes with conducting and proposing regional study meetings with educational committees. Such activities are conducted as a support programme for inquiry learning in high schools in Japan, aiming at making MUN more effective for the expansion of perspectives and the raise of the potential of students.