Other ESD promotion projects

Curriculum and learning materials development to nurture agents of change for achieving a sustainable future by school teachers

This is a project in which school teachers have engaged in the development of curriculum and learning materials that aim to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) through learning processes. The group of 18 school teachers from all over Japan was comprised of the core members of the sustainable schools network, who were also involved in planning this project, and teachers who had been engaged in SDGs-focused education activities. Together, they developed relevant curriculum and learning materials by sharing experiences and knowledge with one another.
Curriculum and learning materials developed in this project are open and available to all who are involved or have interest in learning that is linked to the achievement of a sustainable society.

16 Approaches for Change – School teachers’ efforts in incorporating SDGs in the school curriculum – (Japanese)

Happy Schools Project

ACCU was involved in the coordination and operation of the Happy Schools Project in Japan. This project, headed by UNESCO Bangkok, studied the correlation between the quality of education and happiness and aimed to enhance happy learning environments as well as students’ happiness. Laos and Thailand also participated in this project.

To learn more about the Happy Schools Project, please visit the following links:
Happy Schools webpage in the UNESCO Associated Schools official website (Japanese)
Happy Schools webpage in the UNESCO Bangkok website

Learning for Empathy*

This programme supports the interaction among teachers of Bangladesh, Indonesia, Pakistan and Sri Lanka in cooperation with Japan with the aim of building a peaceful and sustainable future in Asia through education.

Learning for Empathy* webpage in the UNESCO Associated Schools official website (Japanese)

MOFA’s Invitation programme for teachers of Islamic schools in Indonesia and Malaysia

ACCU coordinated and accompanied school visits and conducted workshops for teachers of Islamic schools in Indonesia and Malaysia visiting under a programme implemented by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MOFA). This programme aimed to promote interaction in the field of education and mutual understanding between Japan and the two countries, and to contribute to enhancing the quality of education in Islamic schools.