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Supporting Member

We need your support to keep shaping the future we envision. 

ACCU contributes to a peaceful and sustainable society with respect for cultural diversity. In line with the UNESCO principles, ACCU works together with the people of the Asia-Pacific to promote and secure lifelong learning opportunities where each and every one can participate equally.

ACCU’s supporting membership programme has been introduced since 1972. Your membership fee supports our various activities.

ACCU’s programmes and projects are supported by your donations and membership fees. We are creating a transformative learning environment to achieve peaceful and sustainable future together with you in the Asia-Pacific region and with UNESCO. Please support our activities.

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Supporting member of ACCU

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Types of Membership

One-year membershipUS$100.00
Three-year membershipUS$250.00 (for three years)

Benefits of the members

Benefits for supporting members are as follows.

ACCU will send you a periodical bulletin, “ACCU news” with PDF version.

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As of August 2022

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Registration to be a supporting member

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