Exchange with the People’s Republic of China

With the goal of mutual understanding and friendship between Japanese and Chinese school teachers and administrators, this project was launched as part of the “ACCU Invitation Programme for International Educational Exchange of Teachers and Professionals,” and Chinese educational personnel in primary and secondary education were invited to Japan. This project is part of the United Nations University’s “Japanese Project for International Educational Exchange of Teachers and Professionals,” which launched in 2002 to celebrate the 30th anniversary of the normalisation of diplomatic relations between Japan and China. In 2003, Japanese teachers were dispatched to China as the mutual understanding deepened, it became a dual programme. ACCU’s contribution towards the promotion of international understanding and the programme achievements have been highly acclaimed. Since 2007, the dispatch of Japanese teachers has developed into an invitation programme for Japanese teachers led by the Chinese government. From 2018, the programme has been implemented and operated as the “International Exchange Programme for Primary and Secondary School Teachers” under the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology (MEXT).

In this programme, education staff gathered from various regions of Japan and China take part as members of the delegation and visit each other’s country. During this period, participants go to the educational sites. In this way they also become familiar with the people of the neighbouring country by interacting with teachers and students and understanding them from multiple perspectives. The “awareness” gained through this experience is then conveyed to students, colleagues and the local community of their own country, which will lead to the expansion of international understanding. The exchange among delegate members will enlarge the domestic network as well.

For the Japanese schools and the board of education cooperating in the welcoming of Chinese teachers, this programme provides a chance to receive overseas impressions and responses to initiatives taken at schools and educational administrations. Also for teachers and students, the programme will not only deepen their understanding towards China, but will also nurture the abilities that can be applied to everyday life such as challenging themselves with something new or never tried before, and attitudes/approaches upon engaging with others through international exchange. The Japanese schools and institutions accepting Chinese teachers are kindly requested to recommend teachers to be dispatched to China and promote further exchange.

Cooperation with the Ministry of Education of the People’s Republic of China and the China Education Association for International Exchange (CEAIE) continues today. Currently, ACCU has invited 1,757 Chinese teachers to Japan and dispatched 403 Japanese teachers to China.

Programme Report

Programme Report

Period Overview Report
26 November-1 December 2023 Invitation Programme for Teachers from the People’s Republic of China/Number of Participants: 23 Chinese teachers


12-25 January 2022 Invitation Programme for Teachers from the People’s Republic of China [Online Teachers’ Exchange with China] / Number of Participants: 25 Chinese teachers and 12 Japanese teachers