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An Introduction of Copyright and How to Use It
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It is an important issue to protect the rights of those who express their own cultures, to encourage cultural and artistic activities from the legal angle and give these rights a priority within the cultural policies of Asian countries, which are now being involved in rapid globalization. Intellectual properties, including copyrights, must be shared as cultural products by all humankind and are, as a source of intellectual activity, essential for the cultural development of each country. Economical or mental benefits accrued from copyrights become incentive for creators and holders of these rights and enable them to pursue further intellectual activities and benefits and to contribute greatly to the development of culture.

At present the issues of the protection of the rights of intellectual properties, including copyrights, are being seriously discussed in Asia. However, in many areas in Asia, the necessity to protect copyrights is not fully recognized and the interpretation of what copyright means varies greatly from country to country. There are many countries which do not have sufficient copyright systems which can adapt to the international movement of the protection of copyrights.

Under these circumstances, ACCU produced "Asian Copyright Handbook" for people engaged in publishing activities to disseminate basic knowledge about copyrights, and to hold national workshops on copyright awareness.

In March 2009, ACCU published “An Introduction to Copyright and How to Use It”, the second introductory handbook on copyright for beginners.

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