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  Copyright, which protects rights of authors, illustrators and others by providing legal framework, plays a crucial role in promoting their activities inside and outside their country. On the other hand, due to rapid development of digital technologies and rampant piracy, it is high on the list of international political priorities.
  In 2004, ACCU planned and published "Asian Copyright Handbook".
  For better promotion of the book, ACCU has organised National Workshop/Seminar in Asian countries since 2005.
  In 2009, ACCU produced a new booklet for beginners to respond to further needs.

An Introduction to Copyright and How to Use It
An Introduction to Copyright and How to Use It
 ACCU produced "An Introduction to Copyright and How to Use It", the second introductory handbook for beginners in copyright, in March 2009. It provides readers with the key aspects of copyright and how it works in the society. Reflecting feedback gained from readers of the first copyright handbook and participants of copyright seminars and workshops, it aims to deliver basic understanding of copyright in a reader-friendly manner.


Asian Copyright Handbook
Asian Copyright Handbook
 ACCU and Japan Copyright Office produced an introductory guidebook on copyright entitled Asian Copyright Handbook in 2004 in English for people in Asian countries, especially those engaged in book production such as publishers, editors, writers and illustrators, to provide a basic concept and knowledge about copyright and give them ideas on its application. ACCU is promoting its translation into local languages and publishing local editions of the handbook with necessary appendices.

 Local language versions are available here.

National Workshops / Seminars
National Workshop / Seminars
 For effective utilisation and dissemination of the Asian Copyright Handbook, ACCU started in 2005 to hold national workshops to draft local versions and make necessary additions to suit local situations and needs. Copyright awareness seminars with presentations by international experts are also conducted along with the workshop.

 Reports on copyright workshops/seminars in Asian countries are available here.

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