Historic places, monuments and historic towns as cultural heritage are facing threat of destruction caused by various factors listed below.

Deterioration of building materials
Growth of plants
Natural disasters
Salt damage
Wars and conflicts

Safeguarding of cultural heritage is an endless fight against destruction. Therefore, it is necessary to mobilize not only training activities and research but also to communicate the importance of cultural heritage to people and further efforts to protect it.

In response to the international campaigns of UNESCO addressed to the world community for safeguarding the common cultural heritage of mankind under the threat of destruction, ACCU implements publicity programmes.
ACCU also organizes fund-raising activities for preservation and restoration of cultural heritage in collaboration with UNESCO.

Ruins of cities from ancient times, vast religious monuments, remains of royal palaces and old historic towns where people still live - there is a great diversity of cultural heritage sites around Asia.

Moenjodaro (Pakistan)
Moenjodaro was prosperous about 4,000 years ago for a period of several centuries and represents the cultural heritage of the Indus Civilization. It is well known for its advanced city planning.

Hue (Viet Nam)
Hue is a beautiful old city that once flourished as the capital of the Nguyen Dynasty. The old royal palace, temples and tombs of Nguyen kings are scattered along the banks of the Perfume River, in perfect harmony with the surrounding nature.

Paharpur (Bangladesh)
Paharpur Buddhist monastery was built during 8th-9th centuries and is one of the biggest Buddhist ruins in Asia. It is said that the architectural style of Paharpur had a great effect on temples in East and South-East Asia.

Bagerhat (Bangladesh)
The city of Bagerhat was founded around 15th century by warrior Khan Jahan who was later worshipped as a saint. Most of these ruins are Islamic. An architectural group of historical buildings, including mosques and the mausoleum of Khan Jahan, still remains. They represent the style unique to this area called Khan Jahan style.

Kathmandu Valley (Nepal)
In three old cities in Kathmandu Valley - Kathmandu, Bhaktapur and Patan, we can find many old buildings such as the royal palaces, temples and Buddhist stupas. The beauty of its distinctive architecture and coexistence with the lives of people in the area reinforces its unique charm.