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Jiangzhou Guyue

Jiangzhou Drumming Music


(from left)
1) A scene of the Jiangzhou Guyue performance and the audience, at the beginning of 1990.
2)The performance of the Jiangzhou Guyue at the beginning of 1990.
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Jiangzhou Guyue is a folk drumming music form performed by a group of drums (membranophones)as the main instrument which is popular in the southwestern part of Shanxi province of China.

Reasons for selection

Its folkishness.

Area where performed

In Xingjiang county, southern part of Shanxi province, China.

Essential elements of the performing art


Detailed explanation

This performing art is popular in the area of Xingjiang county, southwestern part of Shanxi province. Xingjiang was called Jiangzhou in ancient times, which caused the performing art's name. The characteristic of the folk drumming music combination is different sizes of big, middle and small drums as the main part accompanied by wood clappers and youbanzi (a kind of wood block).
The performing art is divided into two kinds: one is huaqiaogu without theatrical costumes; another is chuanxianggu with theatrical costumes. Both are performed at the festivals and competitions. There is another kind of Jiangzhou Guyue that is called Guchuiluogu with the above instruments plus the gong and cymbals, which is normally performed in wedding ceremonies and funerals. Huaqiaogu has 16 sets of music. The representative music items are the following: Niudouhu (The Bull Fighting with the Tiger), Fenghuangzhanchi (Phoenix Spreading its Wings), Shizigunxiuqiu (Lion Rolling Balls), Jilagua, Maquecaidan (Sparrows Taking Eggs), Waimagan, Gunhetao (Rolling Walnuts), Qinwangdianbing (King Qin calling the Master Roll of Soldiers; this is an arrangement).

Publication and textual documentation

MU Jinshan
1992 Jiangzhou Dagu [Jiangzhou Drumming Music].
Jiangzhou, Shanxi: Wen Hua Shi Ye Guan Nian You Xien Geng Si. In Chinese and English.

Audio documentation

HUGO Productions (H.K.)Ltd.
n.d. Jiangzhou Luogu (CD).

Visual documentation

already available

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Data provider

Mr. Qiao Jianzhong
Music Research Institute of Chinese Academy of Arts
Address: Dong zhi men wai, Xin Yuan Li West Building No.1, Beijing 100027, China