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reed pipe wind instrument


(from left)
1)Female lusheng performer of the Miao people in Huawuji village, Qianxi county of Guizhou province. (22 February 1999)
2) Lusheng players of the Miao people in Changka village, Nangao town, Danzai county of Guizhou province, performing. (9 February 1999)
3)A lusheng performing group of the Miao people in Taijiang county in the southeastern part of Guizhou province performing. (1957)
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It is a kind of folk music, mainly instrumental with simple subsidiary dance.

Reasons for selection

Its broad distribution.

Area where performed

Guizhou, Yunan, Hunan provinces where the Miao, Yao, Dong and Yi people live.

Essential elements of the performing art

Music, Dance

Detailed explanation

Lusheng is an aerophone instrument. It is popular among the Miao, Yao, Dong, Zhuang, Yi, Wa, She, Gelao and Lagu ethnic peoples' communities in the southwestern part of China. It is a wind instrument made by several bamboo pipes plugged in the wooden dipper of sheng, with a piece of copper reed at the end of the each pipe and a finger hole near one inch of the sheng dipper which the player could press while blowing. There are many kinds of the lusheng, e.g. single pipe, double pipes, five pipes, six pipes, seven pipes, eight pipes, ten pipes, etc. The performance of lusheng is closely related to the custom activities. Especially during the autumn and spring time, various villages of the Miao people in the southeastern and northeastern areas of the Miao nationality community in Guizhou province, many places would hold different scales of singing and dancing activities called TiaoLusheng (Dancing with the lusheng). Now it is one of the most representative folk art festivals in the country.

Publication and textual documentation

Chinese Music Research Institute, ed.
1959 Miaozu Lusheng Lusheng of Miao Nationality .
Beijing: Music Press. In Chinese.

Audio documentation

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Visual documentation

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Mr. Qiao Jianzhong
Music Research Institute of Chinese Academy of Arts
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