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Hazagiri Dance


(from left)
-Reang girls performing Hazagiri Dance
- Hazagiri Dance by a Reang girl
(c) Sangeet Natak Akademi, New Delhi.

In this dance the movement of hands or even upper part of the body is restricted, but movement below waist, down to their feet, create wonderful wave.

Reasons for selection

In the community dance, the dancers twist their lower part of the body with rhythm creating a wonderful wave from their waist to their feet.

Area where performed

It belongs to Reang community living in Tripura which is in Northeast of India.

Essential elements of the performing art

Music, Dance, Acrobatic

Detailed explanation

Reang community inhabiting Tripura State of North East region of India is one of the biggest community of Tripuri.

The Reang are a very disciplined community. The word of the head of community known as rai is supreme in all matters of internal disputes and is obeyed by all in the community. Reang are backward both educationally and economically and therefore they are considered as a primitive group.

The Hazagiri dance of this community is quite different from others. The movement of hands and that of the upper part of body is restricted but the movement from their waist down to their feet creates wonderful wave. Standing on a earthen pitcher with a bottle on the head and lighted lamp on it, Reang dancers twist their waist and the lower part of body.

Publication and textual documentation

no information at present

Audio documentation

No commercial LP/EP, cassettes, or CD are available, however, some recording on audio tapes (1997)is available in SNA.

Visual documentation

No commercial video is available, but Akademi has video recordings (1997)of various programmes presented by the Akademi.

Institution/organisation involved in preservation and promotion

Sangeet Natak Akademi, New Dalhi.

Data provider

Ms. Sharbari Mukherjee
Sangeet Natak Akademi
Address: Rabindra Bhawan, Ferozeshah Road, New Delhi - 110001, India