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Choob Bazi

Dance with sticks, Play with sticks


Choob bazi (Dance with sticks)has been selected, for its folk music and specific movements of dancers which have symbolic meanings. This play demonstrates part of culture of northeastern Iran.

Reasons for selection

Dance with sticks or Torbat-e-Jam Dance is one of the oldest folk dance in Iran which is performed by men. This play is very valuable in terms of music and dramatic performance.

Area where performed

In north-east of Iran (Korasan)

Essential elements of the performing art

Music, Dance

Detailed explanation

Choob bazi is a play of music and dancing combined with epic significance performed in the north-east of Iran. The stick in the ritual and dramatic choreography symbolizes a sword or weapon. The musical instruments used in this play are sorna (an instrument like a trumpet)and kettle drum. The choreography of this play signifies epic struggles and heroic deeds. Choob bazi is of two types: first, a single-player game in which there are at least ten characters with fifteen special figures signifying a battlefield and the struggle is between two champions each with a stick; the second, a two-player game showing the struggle between two armies in a larger context.

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