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Tol Avahuulah Aya

Maliin Uria

Coaxing words


It is performed near mother animals which reject their babies. Under the enchanting melody and skilled poem, mother animals accept them.

Reasons for selection

Coaxing word originated from the everyday occurrence of the herdsmen and became one of important element of Mongolian folklore. Along with the changes in traditional nomadic way of life it is almost forgotten.

Area where performed

Throughout the Mongolian countryside (especially the Gobi and steppe zones)

Essential elements of the performing art


Detailed explanation

In their many years of nomadic life, the Mongols have developed their own specific techniques of handling livestock. One technique employs toig, a special coaxing word, which is uttered or rather sung when a ewe is being coaxed into accepting a rejected lamb. The word toig is used with sheep only; for goats, the word is choig ; for camels, hoos - and in the latter instance, the morin huur accompanies the singing. While inducing a ewe to suckle a rejected lamb, the following words, for example, are sung:

The mandarin duck has arrived,
The mugwort has sprung up,
Your udder is full.
Keeping it away, why do you reject it?
Toig, toig, toig....

This is sung gently, over and over again, until the ewe suckles the lamb. When a mother camel is being coaxed into accepting a rejected or strange calf, it is said to break into tears at the gentle sound of hoos and the enchanting melody of the morin huur, sung and played by someone skilled in the art of casting spells on animals. The words are more than simple calls and have become absorbed into poem songs.

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1986 Ingen egshig, Documentary.

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