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After a hard day's work, youth assemble in a place and sing solos, duets, play drums and flutes and dance. It is the most important social gathering of the youth. Jhamre includes several types of music, songs and dance. It is a common name given to folk music.

Reasons for selection

Jhamre dance and songs are popular art forms of the youth of Western Nepal hills.

Area where performed

Mainly in Western Nepal hills.

Essential elements of the performing art

Music, Dance

Detailed explanation

Jhamre is synonymous with folk music, dance and songs of western Nepal hills, but very popular in most parts of the country. The name Jhamre incorporates types of local folk songs and dances. Songs sung in Jhamre include many varieties. Styles of singing vary from time to time. A new style popular in a certain area spreads very fast to adjoining villages. Within a month a new song or a new style becomes familiar with nooks and corners of the region.

Jhamre songs are sung all year around. Sometimes sung solo, sometimes as group songs, sometimes as questions and answers between boys and girls. Many times, singer boys and girls get married to their companions. In most of the cases, a Jhamre group consists of unattached boys and girls. Jhamre is a cumulative name given for folk songs of western Nepal Hills.

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