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National Academy of Music, Dance and DramaSangeet Natak Akademi


(from left)
- Sangeet Natak Akademi, New Delhi
- Documentation in field.
- Audience watching Kathakali performance in Delhi.
(c) Sangeet Natak Akademi, New Delhi

Address: Rabindra Bhawan, Ferozeshah Road, New Delhi 110001, India
Tel: (91-11)3387246-48, 3382060, 3387443
Fax: (91-11)3385715
Managing Head: Secretary

Reasons for selection

The Sangeet Natak Akademi, New Delhi is the National Academy of Music, Dance and Drama under the Department of Culture, Government of India and was set up to document preserve and disseminate the Indian folk/traditional performing art forms.

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Autonomous institution/organization supervised and supported by central government


The Akademi was founded in 1953 for the furtherance of the performing arts of India, a task in which it co-operates with State Akademis, Zonal Centres and other voluntary organizations all over the country. Organizing performances of renowned veterans as well as talented artistes of the younger generation, arranging training programmes supported by scholarships and through documentation and dissemination.

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Policy making, policy proposal
Publication, information service
Planning and organizing festivals and performances
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Organizing programmes

Description of Major Activities

Sangeet Natak Akademi (the National Academy of Music, Dance and Drama)was established by the Ministry of Culture, Department of Culture, Government of India on 31st May, 1952 and was inaugurated on 28 January, 1953 by the first President of India, Dr. Rajendra Prasad. The management of the Akademi vests in its General Council and the Executive Board exercises superintendence, direction of the affairs of the Akademi. The tenure of the General Council of the Akademi is five years. The Chairman of the Akademi is appointed by the President of India. The principal Executive Officer of the Akademi is the Secretary.

The Akademi has three constituent units. The JNMDA at Imphal and Kathak Kendra, Delhi and Rabindra Rangshala, Delhi. The first two are teaching institutions.

The Akademi is the premier institution for the promotion, preservation, dissemination of the performing arts in India. The Akademi has also implemented several programmes and schemes namely the development of tribal culture and puppetry, assistance to young theatre workers, organizing of musical festivals, grant of fellowship to promising young artists, research in science of music, grants to cultural institutions and interstate exchange of cultural troupes.

Annually the Akademi honours outstanding performers and performing arts scholars with awards & fellowships. The Documentation Unit of the Akademi, equipped with sophisticated audio/video equipment covers many of the major programmes of music, dance and drama throughout the country. Over the years, the Archival collection has grown considerably. The Akademi has now over 6000 hours of audio recording also 3000 hours of video recordings, 150,000 feet of silent film material. The Akademi has also produced 18 documentaries on performing arts. The Book Library and Audio Visual Library is open to members. One can listen and view the old and rare collection of disc, tapes, video and film material free of charge.

The gallery of musical instruments gives glimpses of the vast and rare collection particularly of Indian folk instruments. The Akademi has also huge collections of puppets and masks.

Periodicals of the Institution/Organisation

Sangeet Natak

Major Publications of the Institution/Organisation

In English:
1. Sangeet Natak Akademi Bulletin: Tagore Centenary Number.
2. Sangeet Natak: Silver Jubilee Volume.
3. SINGH, Naina Ripjit
Mushtaq Hussain Khan.
4. VATSYAYAN, Kapila
Classical Indian Dance in Literature & the Arts.
5. GHOSH, Santidev
Music & Dance in Rabindranath Tagore's Education Philosophy.
6a. SAXENA, S.K.
The Winged Form: Aesthetical Essays on Hindustani Rhythm.
6b. Swinging Syllables: Aesthetics of Kathak Dance
7. PANI, Jiwan
1974 Ravana Chhaya [Shadow of Ravana].
New Delhi: Sangeet Natak Akademi.
8. UPRETI, Mohan
Malushahi Ballad of Kumaon.
10. DHOND, M.V.
Evolution of Khayal.
11. NEOG, Maheshwar
Bhaona: A Ritual Play of Assam.
12. Who's Who of Indian Musicians (2nd edition).
13. PANCHAL, Goverdhan
Kuttampalam and Kutiyattam.
14. NAG, Dipali
Ustad Faiyaaz Khan.
15. SARMA, M. Nagabhushana
Tolu Bommalata: Shadow Puppets of Andhra Pradesh.
16. RANADE, Ashok D.
Stage Music of Maharashtra.
17. MUTATKAR, Sumati, ed.
Aspects of Indian Music: A Collection of Essays.
18. Contemporary Indian Theatre: Interviews with Playwrights and Directors.
19. JOSHI, Damayanti
Madame Menaka.
20. VENU, G.
Tolpava Koothu: Shadow Puppets of Kerala.
21. SHARMA, P.L., ed.
Sarangdeva and His Sangita Ratnakara.

In Hindi:
Onkarnath Thakur.
2. SHARMA, Prem Lata, ed.
3. Thyagaraja Kriti Sangraha
Rasleela Tatha Rasanukaran Vikas.
5. Muthuswami Dikkshitar Kriti Sangraha.
6. PATWARDHAN, Gurudev
Mridang-tabla Vadan Paddhati.
7. ANAND, Keshav
Himachal ka lok Sangeet.
8. DAS, Purushottam
Mridang Vadan Nathdwara Parampara.
9. BHATT, B.P.
Pushti Sangeet Prakash.
10. CHAKYAR, Mani Madhava (ed. SHARMA, Prem Lata)

In Meitei:
1. SINGH, Babu
Ras Purnima.
2a. SINGH, Guru Amubi
2b. Bhangi Pareng.
2c. Bhangi Pareng Achouba.
2d. Manipuri Jagoi.

In Tamil:
Ayodhyakanda of Tolpava Koothu.

VHS Cassettes of Films/Video Programmes
1. 1965 Ustad Bade Gulam Ali Khan : Hari Das Gupta, Hindi/Eng, 29min.
2. 1965 Ustad Allauddin Khan : Hari Das Gupta, English, 24min.
3. 1973 Ramayana in Koodiyattam & Kathakali : SNA, English, 21min.
4. 1977 Chayanatak : Jiwan Pani, English, 20min.
5. 1977 Folk & Tribal Dances of India : SNA, English, 18min.
6. 1980 Tanavarnam : SNA, Music, 31min.
7. 1987 Sangai- Dancing Deer of Manipur : Aribam Syam-Sharma, Music, 44min.
8. 1988 Bhootaradhana : B.V. Karanth, Music, 22min.
9. 1992 Semmangudi : Bhaskar-Chandavarkar, English, 20min.
10. 1992 Semmangudi : Bhaskar-Chandavarkar, English, 30min.
11. 1993 Semmangudi : Bhaskar-Chandavarkar, English, 58min.
12. 1993 Parvati Viraham: Mani Madhava Chakyar as Ravana : K.N. Panikar, English (subtitled), 35min.
13. 1993 Kanglai Haroba : Aribam Syam-Syarma, English (subtitled), 36min.
14. 1994 Mani Madhava Chakkyar: The Master at Work : K.N. Panikar, English, 30min.
15. 1994 Behdeinkhlam : Sujata Miri, English, 16min.
16. 1995 Ang Tarang: Mayurbhanj Chhau : Jiwan Pani, English, 17min.
17. 1996 Pandanallur Subbaraya Pillai: Laxmi Viswanathan, English, 26min.
18. 1997 Ang Tarang: Mayurbhanj Chhau w.e.f. May 1997: Jiwan Pani, English, 41min.

Data provider

Ms. Sharbari Mukherjee
Sangeet Natak Akademi
Address: Rabindra Bhawan, Ferozeshah Road, New Delhi 110001, India