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Policies and Actions

Lao P.D.R.

National level agency/organisation dedicated to preservation and promotion of traditional/folk performing arts

Ministry of Information and Culture

Prominent NGOs working in this field


Brief chronology-history

(1)1999 Sonic Orders Project, ASEAN
(2)1997 National Workshop on the Documentation and Promotion of the Intangible Cultural Heritage, Institute for Cultural Research
(3)1996 Expert Meeting for the Preservation and Promotion of Intangible Cultural Heritage, UNESCO
(4)1988 The Lao P.D.R. Ministry of Information and Culture determined the following general guidelines for Cultural development and Protection.

The objectives:
(1)Acknowledging the cultural dimension of development.
(2)Affirming and enriching cultural identity.
(3)Broadening participation in cultural life.
(4)Promoting international cultural cooperation.

Legislation in this field

Does not exist
At present, the Lao government is working to draft Laws concerning traditional performing arts.

Category/types of performing arts

1) Khab 2) Lam 3)Classical Lao Music
4)Music of Minorities group
5)Classical Lao Dance
6)Lao Folk Dance
7)Music Drama: Pralak, Pralan
8)Lao opera: Lam Leuang
10)Ritual Ceremonies


Does not exist

Audio・visual documentation collection

Does not exist

Aspects of traditional/folk performing arts in education

The National School of Music and Dance has a curriculum aimed at high school students aged 12-18 years. Traditional Lao and western musical instruments are taught as well as traditional Lao Dance and Western music theory, notation and history.

Data provider

Mr. Douangchampy Vouthisouk
National School of Music and Dance
Address: Vientiane, Lao P.D.R