News List on February, 2012

Monetary donation sent to affected areas
1 February 2012

The Director of Boards of Education in Kesennuma, Mr. Shirahata (left), The Kesennuma's Mayer, Mr.Sugawara (centre), The Secretary General of ACCU, Mr.Shimazu (right)

In order to help to facilitate education recovery by schools and communities in affected areas with BBB (“Building Back Better”) spirit, ACCU has called for
relevant people to support them by mediating donation support.

Through the courtesy of many people in and outside of Japan, the amount of donation came up to 17,022,909 yen as of 31st January 2012. For example, Republic of Korea, the Korean National Commission for UNESCO called for the teachers who participated in ACCU Internatilnal Exchange programme and they involved their students. They sent a lot of warm heartfelt message with monetary donation to the students in the affected areas.

As the first remittance, some monetary donation was sent to 29 local governments (boards of education) as below to be used for 242 schools in total.

"East Japan Earthquake and Tsunami UNESCO Associated Schools ESD Support Fund"
will be continued. ACCU are anticipating your strong support.
Thank you for your cooperation.

Iwate prefecture:
Iwaizumi, Otsuchi, Ofunato, Kamaishi, Noda, Miyako, Yamada, Rikuzentakata
Miyagi prefecture:
Ishimaki, Iwanuma, Ogawara, Onagawa, Kakuda, Kurihara, Kesennuma, Shiroishi,
Sendai, Tomiya, Natori, Higashimatsushima, Marumori, Minamisanriku, Yamamoto, Watari
Fukushima prefecture:
Aizuwakamatsu, Iwaki, Date, Nishigo, Fukushima,

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