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-We are One- ASPnet Forum On Solidarity and Disaster Risk Reduction in Education
21 May 2012

The Asia-Pacific Cultural Centre for UNESCO (ACCU), Tokyo, held a forum on 12 May, 2012 at Miyagi University of Education (Sendai City in Miyagi Prefecture) titled “-We are One- ASPnet Forum On Solidarity and Disaster Risk Reduction in Education.”

This forum, organized by ACCU and UNESCO, was implemented as a part of“Japan Solidarity Project”sending messages from ASPnet schools in the Asia Pacific region to children affected by the March 11 East Japan Earthquake and Tsunami. Education Reconstruction Support Center, Miyagi University of Education collaborated as a co-organizer of the event.

The event drew 97 participants across Japan, including guests from UNESCO Bangkok Office and Japan National Commission for UNESCO, professionals both in public and private sectors, educators and students in various fields like disaster risk reduction (DRR) in education and education for sustainable development (ESD).
It was the first meeting for every party involved in Japan Solidarity Project.
There was a panel discussion, in which panelists were invited from Philippines and Thailand to represent senders of messages. The counterpart panelists were school teachers from the affected area. Students from Adachi High School in Fukushima and from Onagawa Dai-ichi Junior High School in Miyagi voiced their resolution towards recovery for their future.
The programme also included presentations on the research results of Disaster Risk Reduction by experts from national research institute and university in Japan.
The event was a good opportunity to share information and idea about international cooperation and DRR in education in the Asia Pacific region from various perspectives. After the event, there was a networking gathering among participants.

ACCU appreciate all the presenters, guests, participants who visited the event, and those who contributed for the event.

“Japan Solidarity Project”as a commission by UNESCO Bangkok will end on 5 June, 2012. However, in order to extend the project further, ACCU will organize DRR leader workshops for secondary and high school students and coordinators in 4 Asian countries and the affected area, as a project of Official Development Assistance for UNESCO activities subsidized by the Ministry of Education,Culture,Sports,Science & Technology in Japan. Further information will be posted in ACCU and ASPnet school websites.

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●13 May, 2012 The Mainichi Newspaper, Miyagi local page
●14 May, 2012 Miyagi Television aired the forum overview in its evening news programme 「OH! Ban-desu」 

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