News List on January, 2013

『ESD-DRR International Workshop for Future Leaders in Asia』Website launched !
7 January 2013

We have launched the website for “ESD-DRR International Workshop for Future Leaders in Asia” held in Sendai city and Zao in Miyagi prefecture and Tokyo from 5th to 8th February, 2013. We will share the details, outcome of the workshop and useful information for DRR education. We also provide the workshop related information by Twitter and Facebook on a daily basis !
Save Our Future ESD DRR Workshop Facebook
・Twitter: @OurDRR

- Brief summary and background of the workshop-
After the 3.11 Japan Earthquake and Tsunami that brought unprecedented damage, we commenced "Japan Solidarity Project" to send comforting messages to the schools in the disaster-stricken areas and were fortunate to have been able to send as many as 2,400 heart-warming messages received from the Asia-Pacific region, including Japan.
In order to deepen the children’s bonds built through this project and also to learn together about prevention against natural disasters that may occur in the future, we will hold an international workshop.
This project is conducted with the Fiscal 2012 Official Development Assistance Grants for UNESCO Activities, the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology.
The goal of the workshop is to build an international network toward a sustainable future.

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