News List on February, 2013

Students from Japan and Asia-Pacific countries studied DRR and ESD together
28 February 2013

ACCU organised “ESD-DRR International Workshop for Future Leaders in Asia” from 5 – 8 February 2013. Participants from Japan and 4 countries from Asia-Pacific shared their experiences of natural disasters and studied Disaster Risk Reduction together.

This workshop was organised as a response to the result of
"Japan Solidarity Project" which was operated from October 2011 to June 2012. Students of ASPnet schools from Indonesia, Mongolia, Philippines and Thailand, Osaka, and areas affected by the Great East Japan earthquake and Tsunami studied ESD and Education for DRR.

The participants visited Yuriage area in Natori City, Miyagi Prefecture to view the damage situation of the Great East Japan earthquake and Tsunami and had lectures on DRR based on ESD way of thinking. They also had group discussions on the theme of ESD, Education for DRR and ICT. As an outcome of the workshop, students produced their original Digital storytelling* containing their experiences of natural disaster and DRR activities in their countries, what they learned during the workshop and their ambition as DRR future leaders. These Digital storytelling were shown at the Reporting session on 8 Feb. The students also created their own action plan for DRR education. We hope they take action in the near future.
*Digital storytelling : Making a story by combining images such as photos, voice or written message and music

Digital storytelling produced by students and the workshop e-report containing action plans are available on the workshop website.

ACCU plans to continue implementing programmes on Disaster Risk Reduction that incorporates ESD.

We deeply appreciate all of your cooperation in holding this workshop.

<Comments from participants>
●Participants from overseas
-I could see how big the damage from the 3.11Earthquake and Tsunami.
-I thought about the influence of natural disasters on Earth.
-I would like to learn how we can organise a system to support victims of natural disasters, and also an effective way of education for sustainable development.
●Participants from Japan
-I learned about the situation of natural disasters outside of Japan.
-I was able to hear directly from people who have been supporting the affected area.

<Organiser> Asia-Pacific Cultural Centre for UNESCO (ACCU)
<Co-organiser> The United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO)
<Venues> Sendai & Zao, Miyagi Prefecture and Tokyo
<Participants> Students and a teacher of ASPnet schools from Indonesia, Thailand, Philippines and Mongolia and a coordinator from National Commission for UNESCO from each country above. Students and a teacher of ASPnet schools from Osaka and areas affected by 3.11Earthquake and Tsunami .

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