News List on June, 2015

U.S. teachers visit Japan
9 June 2015

Fourteen U.S. teachers participating in the 2015 Japan-U.S. Teacher Exchange Program for Education for Sustainable Development (ESD) will visit Japan from June 23rd to July 5th. During the program, they will visit Tokyo and Omuta City to learn about ESD in Japan through school visits and exchanges with students and teachers.

After an Orientation Program in Tokyo, where they will receive an introduction to the Japanese educational system and ESD, the U.S. teachers will visit Omuta City, Fukuoka. They will visit schools, ESD related institutions, and cultural sites in Omuta City to exchange ideas with local teachers, students, and residents, as well as to learn about ESD best practices. These exchanges and home stays with local citizens will further deepen the U.S. participants’ understanding of Japanese culture and education.

At the end of the visit, the U.S. teachers will reconvene in Tokyo with fourteen Japanese colleagues to continue work begun in San Francisco in late April after the Japanese teachers concluded their reciprocal visits of U.S. schools. During this three-day Second Joint Conference, the twenty-eight Japanese and U. S. teachers will once again share best practices and collaborate to design joint projects related to ESD which they will implement in their home schools and communities after the program.

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