Since 1981, ACCU has been working for promotion of literacy and Non-formal Education (NFE) in Asia and the Pacific region. we have close co-operation with UNESCO and literacy/NFE organisations in the UNESCO Member States in Asia and the Pacific.

To meet the urgent needs and great demand for effective literacy programmes, and to contribute to achieve the regional goal, "Education for All," ACCU conduct regional co-operative programmes in the following four main fields:

I. Material Development
(1) PALM : Package for developing Adult Learning Materials
(2) AJP Materials - Prototype Versions
(3) AJP Materials - Local Versions
(4) PLANET: Package Learning Materials on Environment
(5) Literacy Video Programmes

II. Capacity Building
(1) Regional Workshop for NFE Personnel
(2) Sub-Regional Workshop on the Development of Basic Literacy Learning Materials
(3) National Workshops in the Member States
(4) Capacity Building Workshops for Literacy Resource Centres (LRC)

III. Networking
(1) Planning Meeting on ACCU Regional Literacy Programmes in Asia and the Pacific
(2) Literacy Resource Centre for Girls and Women (LRC)

IV. ICT Application to Literacy / NFE Programmes
(1) Asia-Pacific Literacy Data Base
(2) Map-based Analysis for Non-formal Education Goals and Outcomes (MANGO)
(3) NFE CD-ROM Development

[Updated in January 2003]

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